Hiking has always been a great opportunity to stay healthy and have fun in the wilderness. However, like any other trips there are a few things to consider before heading out. Before doing anything, do a bit of research about your trip. This will help you prepare better and select the right equipment for your adventure: Cover the following sections on your research:

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Spot- Which hiking spot is best Characteristics- mountainous, sandy, icy etc Animals- are there any wild animals there such as snakes or lions Season- Some seasons are more hostile than others Find out as much detail as you can about your hiking spot, it could save your life. But don't think too much about that "save your life" part. Most hiking trips turn out just fine. Now that you know where you will be hiking to, time to get yourself equipped properly. You could take more, however these are basic hiking items to take with you: 1. Map 2. Bag 3. Medical kit 4. Food 5. Torch/ flashlight 6. Weapon/ tool Map Through your research, it should be clear where you are going exactly. However, a map is still necessary. Maps can help you navigate effectively, avoid serious obstacles, provide alternative routes and keep you away from potentially dangerous areas. Bag We are not talking duffel bags here or suitcases, find a backpack suitable for hiking. A good backpack has comfortable straps and made from strong material. I know there are many designs but look for something light. I mean you are going to have it on your back almost every time, heavy stuff will wear you out. This has got to be the most important item because it will carry almost everything you will need. Medical kit Pack a medical kit for emergencies, especially when you have new and crazy friends hiking with you. Besides that, injuries are inevitable on hiking trips. If your friend get bitten by a bear, you will be able to fix him up just fine, right? Yeah, so you see? medical kits are necessary. Hopefully you won't have to deal with those kinds of injuries but scratches and bites so on. Food Food is also important and pack sufficient water as well. It can become very hot out there in the wilderness, so you need to keep yourself well hydrated. Unless you guys decide to have some sort of a hiking drinking spree, then you will have to pack some special drinks. But I wouldn't recommend that. The last time we attempted that, someone got lost and then it wasn't that fun anymore. Not only that pack some healthy snack such as dried fruits, energy bars, salmon and salad pouches. Because out there you are going to need all the energy you can get. Weapons and tools It may not be necessary but I carry a hand gun on my hiking trips. Firstly because I have one and secondly you will never know if it might come in handy. Usually a more reasonable tool for this kind of thing is the survival knife. It comes with different mini tools you might need: scissors and other necessities. It is also good to pack a flash light with reliable LED lights for those dark nights. Alright, now you are ready for your trip. Hiking is very fun and carries some health benefits as well: it improves your breathing, controls your weight by burning out those calories and generally keeps you physically fit. Having said that, get your stuff together, go out there and have fun.